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Keep up with all the latest updates and fun virtual reality games on Metavurx VR.

In popular culture, there has long been a connection between mental health and horror. The horror genre is also quite popular in both video games …

Fitness and Fun in Game Arena: Exercise comes easily to some people. Your body is telling you, “Hey, you did a great job today,” like …

VR multiplayer games have established themselves as a fundamental component of the gaming landscape as it has developed. They have advanced from small-scale local setups …

Virtual Gaming: Playing VR games is a popular pastime that offers a rich, sensory, and intellectually stimulating environment that can improve cognitive function in regular …

Best VR Tips: Playing virtual games can cause stress to players, especially when they can’t complete the game. It causes repetitive thought loops for players, …

VR Games in Sydney: As gamers, we rely on muscle memory to carry out complex tasks quickly and precisely. Our muscles become better at remembering …

Virtual Reality Experience: A computer technology called virtual reality (VR) produces a simulated environment. Users can experience and engage with an artificial world created by …

VR News: Still got the hang of our thrilling horror games from November? It’s not over yet. Metavurx VR is adding two new horror games …

Arcade Sydney: Smash Point is an interactive competitive VR Arcade Game that multiple players can play with tons of visual delight. Enter the world designed …

Cooking-themed video games have a long history, starting with the 8-bit microcomputers and continuing up to the present. With Clash of Chefs VR, players can …

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