Face Your Fears with House of Fear: Cursed Souls in Virtual Escape Room

Have you ever wished you could face your fears in a traditional virtual escape room but are afraid to do so? Or do you want to feel the thrill of escaping a haunted house? Virtual reality escape rooms provide players with limitless options and experiences. The House of Fear: Cursed Soul intensely focuses on tactics and puzzles, forcing you to use your imagination and problem-solving skills. This game will keep you on your toes as you attempt to unlock locked doors and decode cryptic messages. The game’s virtual reality technology gives players the impression they are inside a real haunted house, packed with spooky sound effects and visuals that tempt all your senses. 

What is House of Fear: Cursed Souls Virtual Escape Room?   

House of Fear: Cursed Souls is about a house with an eerie atmosphere, rapidly flickering lights, and frightening sounds from the walls, but no one is home. Strange whispers. Sudden angry screams. Moving shadows in the shadows and complete darkness. The house enters your soul more the more you learn about its history. The dead need the living. They want you. Locals in a tiny village were horrified by an unsolved and terrifying murder. According to rumors, occultists killed the entire family one night and cursed their souls, imprisoning them in the walls for a lifetime. 

The Gameplay  

You must solve puzzles to escape the haunted house! The game is inspired by virtual escape room, so this game will be enjoyable for you if you have always wanted to play an escape room but have never had the time or friends to do so. You have 50 minutes to leave the house, but if you enjoy problem-solving and have enhanced perception, you can finish the game in about 20 minutes. There are only a handful of puzzles, and they are all in the same room, so there is no need to backtrack or solve complex, extremely complicated problems.  

You are dropped within the home’s hallway as you begin the journey. There is only a little light; only the light source you use (lantern or flashlight) and a few strategically positioned candles provide much of the available light. The lantern provides a broad light but will not go extremely far, while the flashlight provides a bright light in a short area but can be too bright.  

You must hold things in your hands because you lack an inventory. Fortunately, you will not need to carry much or travel far to find the puzzles. You can find booklets with clues directing you to the riddles scattered throughout the mysteries. The riddles are simple, and you should have no trouble solving them. Teleportation will allow you to move throughout the area; while some players may favor motion, teleportation works best for all players. 

Who Can Play?  

Ages 12 and above can play the house of Fear: Cursed Souls in Virtual Escape Room at Metavurx VR. A parent or guardian must accompany children between 6 and 11 years old throughout their entire Metavurx VR experience.  

Why Choose House of Fear: Cursed Souls for Your Next Adventure? 

House of Fear was designed to make you feel uneasy throughout. Adaptive lighting and numerous pictures hanging from the wall provide various touches to the overall simple graphics. It is just eerie enough to frighten you and reasonably satisfy to keep you playing until the end. The game will not hold your hand in that sense because, unlike most puzzle games, the things generally don’t stand out. 

It has a spooky spot to work on your emotions in a frightening environment. You will find that even the slightest noise will scare you in the dark. The house is full of disturbing noises that will make you feel uneasy. Immersing sounds include the wood creaking, banging doors and windows, and ticking off the hallway clock. The sound effects will keep you in check, but fortunately, not many unexpected jump scares will make you run away. 


House of Fear is a quick but intriguing experience and allows you to enjoy the gameplay of an escape room. The puzzles are all relatively simple and easy to understand, which makes it possible for anyone to enjoy the game without needing experience in playing. The gameplay is relatively quick, with a maximum length of 50 minutes. You can quickly complete the puzzles since you do not have to go far between riddles to open the next part. This experience is for you if you enjoy thrills and fear!  

Can you unravel this challenging puzzle? Are you prepared to dive deep into this terrifying location to free the family’s tragic members? Think carefully, and if you are ready, book your session with Metavurx VR and face your fears to get out of the House of Fear! 


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