Know Your Gameplay: How to Play ARVI Arena

arvi arena

ARVI Arena: Virtual reality can take us to different worlds and fully immerse us in the experiences. We are transported to a different reality when we put on our VR headsets, allowing us to explore and engage with our environment. Furthermore, it’s critical to understand how to play the game correctly. 

What is ARVI Arena? 

ARVI Arena is a thrilling and captivating multiplayer shooter with futuristic concepts where a wide variety of maps and weapons will hook every action game enthusiast. To gain bonus gifts, use the teleport features and explore the area. Only the most skilled players will succeed in the game and emerge victorious from the futuristic virtual combat! 

Game Features 

Arena distinguishes itself from other arcade games with a particular characteristic—an exceptional teleportation technique using squares (2×2 meters). Players can walk around inside each two-square-meter (2m by 2m) space, significantly increasing the game’s dynamic. 

The standard duration of each game is 30 minutes, which is not affected by the Tutorial in case players launch the game with it. Eight players are allowed to play, and 16 breathtaking maps are available. Bots will be available to create a challenge if only two players are playing in the Arena. Bots can adapt to their skill level to provide gamers with the greatest experience possible.

The minimum age requirement is twelve years old. There are no blood or gory graphics despite this being a shooting game, as we considered minors and their psychological profiles. In Spectator mode, users can observe other players while they are not actively playing: 

• Unable to move on the previous maps.  

• It can move on fresh maps but without interaction. 


When playing ARVI Arena, players have five weapon options that they can use during the game. 

  1. The Main Gun is the player’s primary weapon, containing ten rounds, and is always available throughout the game. They have endless ammunition and the ability to reload anytime. 
  2. SMG (Submachine Gun) Speed Stalk has 25 rounds. Holding the firing button allows you to fire in bursts, but each shot has a significant recoil. 
  3. The Rocket Launcher has three rounds and launches a grenade that damages everyone in the targeted area. Players can lessen potential damage by hiding behind a shield or any object. 
  4. Precision Gun has five rounds and is an ideal weapon for long-range combat. 
  5. A shotgun has five rounds and shoots tiny pellets. It is useful for short-range combat and can break your opponent’s shield. 
  • For a perfect customer experience throughout the game, players can choose one of two modes: 

Arcade Mode 

We advise beginners or newcomers to use this mode as everything operates automatically. Bots are added to have a balanced number of players among teams. It is important to note that in this mode, players must return to the lobby after every round, as they cannot choose a map. 

Full Lobby Mode 

This mode is recommended for players who already have experience with the game. Full Lobby Mode is the normal mode, where you can manually set up everything. Unlike Arcade Mode, where players do not have the option to choose a map, players of Full Lobby Mode return to the lobby after each round to select a different map or change teams. 

  • Players can start the game with or without a Tutorial.
During the Tutorial 

Players join a unique environment where they decide what hand to use and type their name; they also learn how to shoot and teleport. 

After the Tutorial 

For Arcade Mode, players enter the lobby and choose a team. The map selection is done automatically, and each map is more challenging than the last. Depending on the number of players, bots will automatically be added to ensure each team has an equal number of players. 

For Full Lobby Mode, players enter the lobby and choose a team. Then, they can start selecting the map they want to try first, and depending on the number of players, bots will automatically be added to ensure each team has an equal number of players. 


Large groups benefit greatly from playing ARVI Arena since it allows families, friends, and colleagues to play together as a team-building exercise while enjoying themselves and competing. What are you waiting for? Gather your loved ones and friends and explore Arena at Metavurx VR. Schedule your session today and enjoy the fun and excitement that await you!


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