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Do you still recall how Alice in Wonderland made you feel when you read or watched it for the first time? The enchanting tale continues to be a timeless classic that generations after generations have cherished. Both of those experiences are different from playing the Alice VR game. In a virtual reality setting, you can reenact the event and take on the parts yourself. Utilize the dynamic gaming abilities to engage, interact, and control characters. This game requires a lot of concentration, requiring you to use your hands to pick up objects and to shrink to fit through small spaces. 

What is Alice VR Game? 

Immerse yourself in the Alice in Wonderland escape room game’s exciting features. This game was developed with the player’s experience in mind. Prepare yourself for an adventure full of fun puzzles that will challenge your friends and your thinking to the test. Discover many brilliant riddles, hidden mechanisms, and other brainteasers in the Alice in Wonderland escape room game by navigating challenging mazes and other obstacles.  

The Queen of Hearts plotted a sinister scheme in the game by casting a spell over Wonderland. You are responsible for safeguarding Wonderland. Find out the secrets of the Queen of Hearts by going on the adventure of a lifetime with your mates, the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and Caterpillar. 

How It’s VR Game Played? 

Participate in the whirlwind of activity and imagine yourself in Alice’s position. Dive into Wonderland to experience pure magic! You must learn the secrets of the Queen of Hearts, whose spell has frozen time in Wonderland. Follow the White Rabbit through the twisting mazes of the world behind the magnifying glass, where everything is upside down by drinking a shrinking potion. Help the time-trapped Hatter organize the chaos during the mad tea party.

The Cheshire Cat will lead you through the Dark Forest’s mystical maze. Utilize the advice of the wise Caterpillar to save the fairies who know the horrific secrets of the queen. Find a way to enter the castle with dangerous traps while sneaking past the card guards. Break the curse from the Clock Tower, defeat the Queen of Hearts, save Wonderland, and bring it back to the magical place it once was. Wonderland is counting on YOU!  

Who Can Play? 

This game is the greatest option for experienced VR players with a visual masterpiece. Our game masters will provide further assistance if you are new to the VR escape room scene. Players aged 12 and above can play Alice, while children between 6 and 11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when playing Alice at Metavurx VR. Disconnect from reality and enter the world of magic! 


Find hidden Easter eggs and secret passageways while playing with your family and friends to give your journey added challenge and fun. This VR game is extremely fascinating because of its stunning visuals, excellent music, surprising twists, and appealing prizes. Create lifelong memories by going with your friends and families, taking the Alice in Wonderland experience, and enjoying yourselves.  

Find a way to make it past the card guards and into the castle to defeat the Queen of Hearts, remove the spell from the Clock Tower, and save Wonderland. Every area of Wonderland will be covered as you and your friends race against time, from sorting through the Mad Hatter’s collection of hats to creeping through the gardens of the Red Castle. Croquet matches, mystical mushrooms, and plenty of adventure are to be expected.  

Do you have what it takes to break the spell and save Wonderland with only an hour to get to the citadel of the Queen of Hearts? Then what are you waiting for? Book your session at Metavurx VR today and save Wonderland! 


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