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Cooking-themed video games have a long history, starting with the 8-bit microcomputers and continuing up to the present. With Clash of Chefs VR, players can experience life behind the kitchen counter of a busy restaurant, this time in Metavurx VR Arcade Games.

What Is Clash of Chefs VR Arcade? 

Clash of Chefs VR focuses on who cooks the fastest. As you rush to complete orders in Clash of Chefs VR, you’ll put your cooking skills to the test. With four distinct restaurants, each with its recipes and ingredients to master, you may choose to complete 80 stages in the single-player mode or compete against other players in both real-time and asynchronous competitive multiplayer. As you fight to become the best chef in the world, cook orders, serve your customers, and smack your rivals with your leftovers! 

Game Features  

  • Cook burgers, fries, pastas, burritos, and more. 
  • Four different restaurants to learn:  
  • Become American Diner’s best burger chef.  
  • Pizza expert in the Italian restaurant  
  • Amaze them with your sushi in the Japanese restaurant.  
  • Be a pro at making nachos at the Mexican restaurant.  
  • Compete against other chefs in multiplayer
  • Conquer global leaderboards.  


Clash of Chefs VR is a game of time management. Choose your preferred cooking style from various meals, including American, Italian, and Japanese. You are immediately thrown into taking and cooking orders, and these orders will get more difficult as you go.  

Before playing Clash of Chefs VR, you should gain a foundational understanding of management. The player can control the character’s hands using two joysticks to complete many chores at once. You must slice food with one hand while holding something in the other, giving the situation more realism. As the game progresses, you’ll get to check out four different restaurants, each with unique requirements for timely and accurate order fulfillment from the establishment’s elite.  

These are the restaurants that you can master on Single-Player:  

American Diner  

In the American restaurant, the cucumbers and onions are on the right of the drink station, which you must chop to garnish your burgers. Additionally, there are buns and plates on which you must place your cheese and cooked hamburgers before distributing the orders. You might need to arrange your burger, Coke, and fries together as orders become more complicated.  

Italian Ristorante  

You will cook a range of pizza and pasta dishes for the Italian restaurant. Roll out your dough there, top it with sauce, cheese, and toppings, and then place it in the brick oven on the left side of your station. Pizza can be distributed after it has been made to satisfy orders. Noodles must be cooked for pasta before being served to diners with sauce or cheese.  

Japanese Restaurant  

You will make ramen noodles and sushi for the Japanese restaurant. On the roll-up mat to your left, spread the seaweed and rice, then arrange the ingredients within. Sushi can be cut after it has been rolled up and then placed on top of the wooden plate before being distributed. Additionally, ramen noodles must be cooked before adding ingredients, such as eggs, in a bowl. You will need to provide tea to those diners who request it.  

Mexican Restaurant  

You must assemble a selection of taco, tortilla, and nacho meals at the Mexican restaurant. Tacos are made in the order requested from the station cards, which often call for meat, sauce, cheese, and additional toppings. The tortillas are quite similar, but they must first be grilled before being folded up with the rest of the contents. After briefly being thrown in the fryer, the nachos are removed and placed in a bowl with cheese or sauce sprinkled on top.  


Clash of Chefs VR is a VR Arcade culinary game where you serve hungry customers delicious foods you can quickly prepare. Play a variety of levels and hone your culinary talents. Test your culinary skills in renowned kitchens, each offering various recipes and challenging single-player levels and defeat the competing chef in multiplayer.   

Take on your mates to determine who is the best chef once and for all! Remember that the culinary industry is ruthless! Think you can beat them? Book your session at Metavurx VR today and win the best chef title! 


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