Best VR Tips for Managing Stress in Intense Virtual Game Situations 

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Best VR Tips: Playing virtual games can cause stress to players, especially when they can’t complete the game. It causes repetitive thought loops for players, thinking they ultimately failed in the game, feeling disappointed in letting their teammates down during multiplayer gameplay, and feeling lonely during single gameplay. 

Managing your stress well allows you to release the grip of stress during your gameplay, but you must remember that stress management is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why finding out what works best for you is essential. 

The Best VR Tips for Stress Management While Playing VR Games 

Set Small but Healthy Goals 

Though it may be challenging, breaking down large tasks into smaller ones in your virtual games will help you feel less stressed. It can be tempting to keep going after achieving something when you just try to complete levels or significant achievements. Because of this, setting smaller, time-bound goals can help you unwind. Especially as games grow more and more achievement-based, leaving you with the impression that you never “finished them.” 

Shifting your attention to other pursuits can offer “brain rewards” to lessen the pressure to finish everything. You can also set goals outside of the game to maintain motivation. You can switch to these brain rewards, which are activities that produce dopamine, a chemical linked to a sense of accomplishment. 

Refocus your Energy Elsewhere 

Enjoying calming activities before and after can help reduce anxiety if you find the gameplay stressful. Anything you’ve ever used to decompress can be used here. 

In addition to taking several deep breaths to slow down their respiratory rate and prevent panic, gamers can also listen to their favorite song. Gamers can feel more relaxed if they pause to exercise or practice breathing if they notice a change in their mood or breathing pattern. 

Sharing your insights with others can be beneficial, whether alone or in a group. To achieve this, converse with rivals or teammates to create a more welcoming environment. 

It is also important to laugh at your mistakes or accept defeat or failure because anybody could be having a bad day. Avoid criticizing or humiliating yourself when you lose at a game. Remember what went wrong in the past, but only if it will help you perform better the following time. 

The main objective is relaxation, so avoid getting drawn into the quest for control when playing a game. Reminding yourself that you’ll enjoy yourself regardless of the result will help you refocus. 

Play With Friends 

Focus on social communication as a way to lessen stress when gaming. Creating or joining communities in virtual places such as Discord, Reddit, and Twitch is recommended. Playing alone can sometimes make one feel alone, which lessens that sensation. This is not to say that playing alone causes stress. On the other hand, if playing multiplayer virtual games makes you anxious, then playing alone may have the opposite impact. It all comes down to understanding oneself. The best VR tip here is to play the games you love to play because that will ensure a fun experience. 

After failing the same scenario numerous times in a row, it’s natural for us to think, ‘I suck at this’ or ‘I’m the worst,’ but that’s probably not true instead because the strict set of rules leads to stress in games. Play games with awareness and pay attention to your own needs. Play a different game if you get bored with the current one. Enjoy yourself when gathering awards and other mementos; however, avoid becoming so engrossed that you lose sight of your surroundings. 

Try Mindful Meditation 

Shut your eyes and choose a focal point to concentrate on. You may also repeat a meaningful word or your breathing, the sensation of air entering and out of your mouth or rising and falling in your chest. 

You shouldn’t worry about how well you’re doing or the diverting thoughts crossing your mind. If ideas interrupt your peaceful moment, simply return your attention to your area of focus with gentleness and without passing judgment. 


When playing virtual games, one cannot tell when they will get stressed as it suddenly comes. These Best VR Tips will help players manage it better and avoid getting in the way of enjoying and having fun while playing the game. Some of these tips might work for one player but not for another, so trying different ways to destress is necessary. 

Practicing and continuously playing can also help players lessen stress during gameplay over time. To learn more, read about VR Games in Sydney: Important of Practice and Training Regimens for Success VR Gameplay at Metavurx VR. 


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