VR News in Metavurx VR: New Thrilling Horror Games to Try Before the Year Ends 

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VR News: Still got the hang of our thrilling horror games from November? It’s not over yet. Metavurx VR is adding two new horror games to test your fear and survival instincts. 

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VR News: Two Thrilling Horror Games Added! 

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Westworld Awakening 

Players: Single 

Age: 18+ 

Duration: 45 minutes 

Westworld Awakening is a game developed by HBO and Survios based on the HBO hit show about artificial intelligence with the same title, which lets you embody Kate, a self-aware android at the Mesa facility. Moreover, you must take control of the situation and alter the surroundings to survive in a perilous underworld where nothing and no one is what they seem to be. Also, it has a novel mobility mechanism that lets you run or sprint at the speed your arms move by simply swinging them at your sides without needing to move your body physically throughout the space you’re in. 

House of Fear: Call of Blood 

Players: 1-4 

Age: 12+ 

Duration: 45 minutes 

The third installation of the game House of Fear is already here at Metavurx VR! House of Fear Call of Blood will let you experience being a forensic investigator who needs to find Emily and find out the truth before you run out of time. Your goal in assisting her is to provide her with the peace of mind that this helpless child has sadly been deprived of. However, many terrifying and nightmare-inducing experiences along your route surpass human comprehension. 

Comeback of One of Our Horror Games! 

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House of Fear: At Night 

Players: 1-4 

Age: 12+ 

Duration: 45 minutes 

House of Fear: At Night lets you explore a run-down, deserted cabin in the forest with broken furniture, dust on the floor, spiderwebs in the corners, and… not a single soul in existence. Also, the house appears to have been abandoned for a long time, and as you try to comprehend what’s happening, all you manage to grasp is that you won’t be able to leave this house lightly. Glancing around, you notice that the windows and doors are closed. Then, there is no electricity, and the dimly flickering candle provides just enough light to illuminate the gloomy space. 

Check out Face Your Fears with House of Fear: Cursed Souls in Virtual Escape Room to understand how to navigate the first and third installations of House of Fear and succeed on your way out! 


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