Smash Your Way in Arcade Sydney: How to Play Smash Point

Arcade Sydney

Arcade Sydney: Smash Point is an interactive competitive VR Arcade Game that multiple players can play with tons of visual delight. Enter the world designed after cartoons and chase one another while using the latest, coolest weapons to blast each other. It is played all against all, and since you are revived endlessly, no one dies for long, and the fun never ends!  

The game consists of 10 rounds, and each round lasts for five to seven minutes. Up to six players can be in the game. Win by having the most points. Bots automatically fill players to maintain the minimum number of players. Do not worry about running out of characters to choose from because Smash Point has 14 charming characters. 

Weapons to use in Arcade Sydney Smash Point

Primary weapon 

The heavy ball will be your primary weapon that stuns other players. 

Additional weapons 

  • Aquarium with piranhas, which jump and bite your enemies!  
  • Bombs, the wick burns out. Boom!  
  • Hoppy. Dangerous jumps that can help you attack your enemies. 
  • Blimp. Flies and drops kettlebells and drops on enemies’ heads.   
  • Sniper is a long-range gun that you can use to shoot unaware opponents about your whereabouts  
  • Rocket Launcher gives you extra points as it damages your opponents twice 
  • Electromine is a weapon that you can use to shock everyone near you 

Maps that you will be able to play 

There are six different colorfully designed maps that you will be able to play each round. 

  1. Industrial Park  
  2. Highest Point  
  3. Rusty Dust  
  4. Station Aquaris  
  5. Hottest Paradise  
  6. Frosty Bay 

Arcade Sydney and Smash Point features a wide variety of unique weaponry, unusual shooting mechanics, and plenty of visual entertainment, making each match a distinct experience! Switching rounds automatically selects different weapon combinations for you, which greatly alters the gameplay.  

So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and family and start smashing them at Smash Point with Metavurx VR! Book your session today and enjoy the fun of endless lives during the gameplay. 


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